European Intelligence
and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC) 2016
August 17-19, 2016
Uppsala, Sweden

The Premier European Conference on Counterterrorism and Criminology

Supply Chain Security Workshop

Date: 18 August
Location: Uppsala University, Information Technology Center (ITC)

The workshop consists of two tracks:

  1. Academic track (morning session only, open for all registered EISIC participants)
    Preliminary Program
  2. Swedish governmental agencies and invited guests track (full day, separate registration)
    Preliminary Program

Keynote speakers

  • Toni Männistö, CBRA

    Bio: Toni Männistö is a researcher and consultant in logistics risk management, supply chain security and trade facilitation. Dr. Männistö obtained a PhD in supply chain security at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in January 2015. Before embarking on the PhD program in late 2011, he graduated (MSc) in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University of Technology, Helsinki. Since 2009, Dr. Männistö has been working for Cross-border Research Association, a Swiss based research institute, and during this time he has contributed to numerous research and consulting projects and published several studies at academic and industry journals. He has also carried out independent consulting projects at postal, pharmaceutical and defense sectors and edited two practice-oriented periodicals, the Network Industry Quarterly and the Postal Industry. His current research interests include coordinated border management, customs risk management, critical infrastructure protection and air cargo security.

    Title: Fighting cross-border crime with information and intelligence

    Abstract: Global logistics networks enable transport of physical goods at a large scale that is necessary for modern international trade and commerce. It is unfortunate, however, that the same logistics networks seem to enable transnational crime and terrorism, as well. This keynote speech discusses a broad range of criminal activities that are associated with the global transport and logistics. Highlighting recent technological developments and regulatory reforms, the keynote illustrates why access to new databases, intelligent analytics, and powerful hardware is unlocking new promising ways to combat cross-border crime and terrorism in the global supply chains. With case examples from business and government organisations, the keynote summarises future prospects of data-driven and risk-based law enforcement and supply chain management.

  • Fredrik Cornell, CIP Checkport
    Fredrik Cornell

    Bio: Fredrik Cornell is the CEO of CIP Checkport, a logistics security niche player in the Swedish market. Prior to CIP Checkport he was with the Securitas Group, first with responsibility for airports in Sweden, later as Strategic Development Director responsible for the Securitas Maritime & Logistics segment. He has represented the Confederation of European Security Services at the European Commission and was on the Executive Board of the SUPPORT EU/FP7 project as well as on the advisory boards of several other EU/FP7 projects within supply chain security. Fredrik holds a M.Sc. from Stockholm School of Economics.

    Title: Secure handling of incoming post and deliveries

    Abstract: Governmental agencies and large companies are potential targets for terrorists as well as dissatisfied citizens. At the same time they need to handle substantial amounts of incoming post and deliveries on a daily basis. The risk that incoming goods could hold unpleasant or even dangerous contents cannot be neglected and for safety reasons many companies and governmental agencies have their own x-ray machine which can be used to examine suspicious items. For many reasons this is not ideal, instead an off-site solution would be preferred.

    Together with PostNord, CIP Checkport is now working to develop an integrated and secure distribution of goods to the end-customers. The customers’ selected incoming deliveries are received at a dedicated control facility. At this facility all items are screened in accordance with the identified security risk and then sorted and processed to the requested service level, before being finally being distributed with a secure and dedicated transport. Topics that will be discussed in the talk include technical solutions, incident handling and traceability.

  • Linda Ristagno, Manager Cargo Border Management (Security), IATA
    Linda Ristagno

    Bio: Linda Ristagno is Manager Air Cargo Border Management in Geneva and in the division she is the security specialist. Linda joined IATA in September 2010 to lead two important projects: the Advanced Electronic Air Cargo Information (ACI) and the electronic Consignment Security Declaration (e-CSD). Linda is currently responsible to advocate airline members’ positions towards regulatory bodies such as ICAO, the EU Commission, WCO and WTO to further strengthen the air cargo supply chain and ensure that cargo security measures are put in place for the benefits of the industry. She is also leading policy and oversight of ACC3 related topics to balance supply chain security with smarter border controls. Linda lives in Geneva where she enjoys challenges and continues embracing changes in her life, along with her husband and her two daughters.

    Title: Imagine Global Cargo Security Driven By Communication: Why Security Should Build Bridges Rather Than Walls.

    Abstract: To achieve the objective of enhancing security while facilitating commercial flows, the industry seeks standardized policies and inter-operability of security regimes. At the same time, a comprehensive dialogue between industry and regulators is required to assess and solve current and emerging issues. But what does this mean from the perspective of governments and commercial operators? What has been done and what is still to be done to improve commerce and e-commerce without losing the focus on security? In the talk I will discuss how European research projects such as FP7/Eurosky can support better mobility, less congestion at airports and more safety and security of air freight.

Information för svenska myndigheter och inbjudna gäster
(Track 2)

FOI har under de senaste åren medverkat i flera EU-finansierade forskningsprojekt inom området ”Supply Chain Security”. I dessa projekt har FOI utvärderat och utvecklat tekniska lösningar som kan användas för att skydda gods, personal och passagerare under olika typer av transporter. På workshopen presenteras resultat från såväl pågående som avslutade projekt. Projekten som medverkar representerar domäner som flygfrakt, containerfrakt, posthantering, hamnsäkerhet.

Workshopen sponsras av EU-projekten Eurosky och CORE, samt av MSB.


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