European Intelligence
and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC) 2013
August 12-14, 2013
Uppsala, Sweden

The Premier European Conference on Counterterrorism and Criminology

Call for Papers

2013 European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC 2013)
The Premier European Conference on Counterterrorism and Criminology

August 12-14, 2013, Uppsala, Sweden

Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI) research is an interdisciplinary research field involving academic researchers in information technologies, computer science, public policy, bioinformatics, medical informatics, and social and behavior studies, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement and intelligence experts, information technology industry consultants and practitioners to support counterterrorism and homeland security missions of anticipation, interdiction, prevention, preparedness and response to terrorist acts. The annual IEEE International ISI Conference series ( was started in 2003.

We invite academic researchers in the field of Intelligence and Security Informatics and related areas (such as computer science, public policy, and social and behavioral studies) as well as companies, industry consultants, analysts and practitioners in the fields involved. EISIC 2013 will be held in Uppsala, Sweden.

Research should be relevant to applications of counter-terrorism or protection of local/national/international/global security in the physical world and/or cyberspace.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Information Sharing and Data/Text Mining
    • Web-based intelligence monitoring and analysis
    • Intelligence-related knowledge discovery
    • Computer or cyber crime investigations and digital forensics
    • Criminal data mining and network analysis
    • Criminal/intelligence information sharing and visualization
    • Cyber-crime detection and analysis
    • Authorship analysis and identification
    • HCI and user interfaces of relevance to intelligence and security
    • Privacy, security, and civil liberties issues
    • Intelligence-computerized community security and surveillance systems
    • Information operations
  2. Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Responses
    • Cyber-infrastructure design and protection
    • Intrusion detection
    • Bio-terrorism tracking, alerting, and analysis
    • Transportation and communication infrastructure protection
    • Border/transportation safety
    • Emergency response and management
    • Disaster prevention, detection, and management
    • Assisting citizens' responses to terrorism and catastrophic events
  3. Terrorism Informatics
    • Terrorism related analytical methodologies and software tools
    • Terrorism knowledge portals and databases
    • Social network analysis (radicalization, recruitment, conducting operations)
    • Lone wolf terrorism
    • Countering terrorism
  4. Computational Criminology
    • Crime pattern recognition and modeling tools
    • Crime generators and crime attractors
    • Forecasting crime and the impact of crime
    • Drug, gang and special crime analysis and modeling tools
    • Data mining and data fusion of crime urban databases
    • Law Enforcement decision support systems
  5. Information Systems Security
    • Information security management standards
    • Information systems security policies
    • Fraud detection
    • Cyber crime and social impacts
    • Corporate sentiment surveillance
    • Market influence analytics and media intelligence
    • Consumer-generated media and social media analytics
    • Image analysis

Paper submission:

Both long (8 pages max., roughly 8,000 words) and short (4 pages max., roughly 4,000 words) paper submissions should be written in English and be submitted electronically via the conference web site. Submission file formats are PDF and Microsoft Word using the IEEE two-column Word/LaTeX templates that can be found at the corresponding IEEE web site. Authors wishing to present a poster and/or demo may submit a 1‐page extended abstract, which, if accepted, will appear in the conference proceedings.

Download EISIC 2013 Call for Papers

The Call for Paper is also available in PDF or Text format.